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We have made it!

We are at the end of a year like no other and 1 I’d rather not see again thank you very much! I’m aware we aren’t out of the woods yet but we have learned lessons this year for sure. 

I’m sure I’m not alone in finding out who your support crew are this year. I am eternally grateful to everyone who messaged me, bought credit vouchers, boxes and products just to help pay the rent, to those who stopped me from jacking it all in when lockdown dragged on and on and who trusted us to look after them when we could reopen.

I’ve often said that we don’t just have clients. When you come to us you become part of our Body Revive family. We’ve celebrated with you this year (weddings and babies), we’ve cried with you (deaths, illness, job losses, uncertainty) and we’ve laughed a fair bit too (usually at my expense). The best thing is when the salon is buzzing and you can hear the sound of laughter.

So this is just a quick email to say thank you for choosing us and being part of it all.

If Carlsberg did salons ………….

So from our family to yours I wish you a happy new year, an easier 2021 and much love and laughter.

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