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Imagine my joy when this appears in my inbox. I knew straight away that they didn’t know me either or they wouldn’t have started a message that way lol!

It went on to say ‘I see you do facials and wanted to introduce you to a great range of products you can use in your salon. I started to sell them during lockdown for some income as the pub I work at is shut. The starter kit alone is worth more than the fee to join my team. Etc Etc Etc

Oh dear where do I start??

Do I start with ‘Have you any clue ‘hun’ how much time and money we spend on training so we can accurately and safely perform our facials??

or ‘why would I use a range that you and your mates can sell without any clue how to do a consultation to make sure the buyer (not client) gets the right product to solve their worry??

or ‘what will happen hun when your pub reopens? Will you stop or sell over the bar??

As tempted as I was to reply, I fear my sarcasm may well have been lost and wasted (a bit like a lot of the products she’s touting once people find they don’t suit their skin) so I thought I’d share it with you instead as I know it wont be!

Do yourself a favour, just get advice about your skincare from a qualified professional. Save yourself some money and time.

Remember, pubs are for beer, not skincare. hun 😉


  • Sue
    5th February 2021

    Oh my! As soon as I saw the word ‘hun’ I was on the edge of my seat.
    “Foxtrot Oscar hun” ?


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